Every day at the Indiana University School of Medicine, we are planting seeds.

Each new investigation launched by our physicians and scientists is a seed of hope. If the conditions are right and it is carefully cultivated, that seed may grow into a new treatment for diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and myriad other diseases.

We also are sowing seeds within each of our medical students. Our lessons about compassion and quality germinate within them, helping these young men and women develop into the kinds of physicians we want caring for ourselves and our loved ones.

You, too, can plant a seed that benefits medical care in Indiana and around the world.

By giving to the Indiana University School of Medicine in the form of an endowed gift, you can enable a scientist to pursue a promising area of research or help a student realize the dream of medical education. Whatever program you choose to support, your endowment will live on forever—ensuring the seed you plant will flourish and bear fruit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an endowment?

How do endowments grow?

What types of endowments can be established?

How do I establish an endowment?

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