Endowments Take Root

Endowed gifts are invested by the Indiana University Foundation. Thanks to the Foundation's diversified portfolio and successful investment strategies, your endowed fund will grow and continue to provide significant support for the IU School of Medicine.

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a permanent fund established to benefit the Indiana University School of Medicine. Rather than spend your gift outright, the Indiana University Foundation invests it. Each year, a portion of the investment earnings are allocated to support scholarly activity, and the remaining income is reinvested. Your original gift—the principal—remains untouched, and it continues to earn interest. As a result, your endowment lives on forever. The endowment may be established in your name or in honor of a family member, physician, colleague or someone else important to you. The fund will bear the name you designate in perpetuity, creating a lasting legacy.

The importance of endowments

Though we are a public medical school, the state funds less than 5 percent of our expenses. Philanthropic support is absolutely vital if we are to continue making advancements in medical care, research and education. While all gifts are important and appreciated, endowed gifts are especially crucial. They provide an ongoing, stable source of income for the School of Medicine, ensuring we have adequate resources today, tomorrow and far into the future.

Designating the use of your endowment

Endowments can fund scholarships for worthy students or benefit a faculty member in a specific department. They can support research related to a disease that has touched your family or be directed to programs that aid patients and their families. Whatever your area of interest, the School of Medicine will help you establish an endowment that accomplishes your philanthropic goals.

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