The Basics On Giving

Designating Your Gift

What you choose to support is entirely up to you. You may designate your gift for any purpose that contributes to the Indiana University School of Medicine’s threefold mission of medical education, research and patient care. You also may make an unrestricted gift. Such gifts allow School of Medicine leaders to apply contributions wherever the need is greatest. Donors who make unrestricted gifts can be confident that their gifts will be put to the best possible use.

Structuring Your Gift

Your gift may be made all at once or paid in installments over a number of years. You also may choose to make part of your gift now and fulfill the remainder as part of your estate plan.

Endowed Funds: The Gifts that Keep On Giving

You may direct that your gift be available for immediate use, or you may prefer to establish an endowment so your gift will have an impact for generations to come. Endowments are permanent funds invested by the Indiana University Foundation. The principal is held in perpetuity. A percentage of the income is available each year to benefit the area you designate within the School of Medicine. The remainder is reinvested, helping the fund grow. Endowed gifts are especially attractive to donors who wish to leave a lasting legacy at the School of Medicine. 

Endowments may be established at the following minimum giving levels:

Senior Faculty Chair: $2,000,000 Fellowship: $250,000
Faculty Chair: $1,500,000 Medical Scholarship: $100,000
Senior Professorship: $750,000 Lectureship: $100,000
Professorship: $500,000 Laboratory or Research Fund: $100,000

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